Seeking Authentic Life Change

Seeking Authentic Life Change

We seek to be a community of authenticity and real life. Often when you read the values of a church they are “ideals” but not what the church truly seems to accomplish. At Church on the Rock (COTR) we seek authentic life change. In order to do that we need real values that penetrate every area of our church. Below are listed some of the values you will see and feel as you join us—whether in our worship time, our small groups, or ministering to the people of Raleigh.

A Real Leader: Jesus Christ

In every aspect of our ministry, the priority will always be to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, the living, risen Head of the body who is now exalted at the right hand of the Father.

“Love one another”

A Real Community: The Body of Christ

God has placed believers into a family. That family is understood as being the place where we grow, serve, and share with one another. Our primary objective in our fellowship with each other is to love one another deeply from the heart as we love our God.

A Real Connection: Authentic Songs of Praise

Life has too many places where you feel that you have to pretend. During our worship we intend on feeling and being real with God. We intend on crying out to God as we seek to grow closer to Him.

The Bible is central to our beliefs and practices

A Real Direction: The Scriptures

The authority of our ministry comes from the word of God as we submit ourselves to its precepts, commit ourselves to do what it says, and yield our lives to become what Christ desires us to be.

A Real Conversation: The Ministry of Prayer

All ministries must be under girded by individual and corporate prayer support or else there can be no reason to anticipate the attending power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our ministry.

A Real Purpose: Missions and Evangelism

The truth that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation leads us to pursue the proclaiming of the Gospel by equipping and sending our members to take the message to a dying world that so desperately needs to hear.

A Real Life to Share: Discipleship

Christ trained his disciples by spending time with them and teaching them through His life. We believe real life change comes from sharing the scriptures through life on life mentorship.

A Real Support System: Accountability

The Christians life is a battle. As believers we are committed to locking arms with each other and struggling together through the daily hangups we face. We must also celeberate the victory that we have through the power that Christ provides through His Spirit.